Cavities Under a Dental Crown

A dental crown is an ultimate way to repair broken or damaged teeth. However, the dental appliance might not last long, and you will develop decay. When it happens, you need emergency treatment so that the dentist can minimize further harm. On that account, if you are looking for a dental clinic in Toronto, there is some good news. GT Dental is the best place to visit for practical help.

Options to Fight Cavities under a Dental Crown
At GT Dental, we offer arrays of possibilities to remedy the cavities before they exert more damage and pain. Here are the services that you can expect when you schedule an appointment.

• Filling
This type of treatment helps to minimize the effects of tooth decay by sealing off the cracks. First, the specialist will remove the cavities using a drill and then fill it up. He or she can use composite resin, gold, or silver, depending on your budget. The procedure makes the tooth more durable than before and eliminates sensitivity while chewing.

• Root Canal
The process involves removing tooth decay to avoid any infection in your dentition. The dentist will then clean the area and also apply some medication to the roots. A root canal is a form of therapy that gets rid of cavities for good. If the dental crown is old or poorly fitted, there is a need to perform a root canal so that the treatment can be useful.

• Crown Lengthening
Alternatively, crown lengthening can work ideally since it helps to restore oral health. The process entails exposing the tooth to the surface so that it can fit with a crown. This way, the tissue surrounding the area gets disinfected to prevent harm to the other teeth.

• New Dental Crown
Also, you can get a brand new dental crown that will give you a whole new look. First, the dentist will have to remove the decay and wash the area before fitting the dental crown. You can choose porcelain, metal, stainless steel, or resin for the procedure.

Cavities under crown might have some unpleasant circumstances for your oral health, so if you think you might have cavities under a dental crown, contact us today for immediate treatment.

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