How To Deal With Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can cause a lot of discomfort and worry. It is not hard to imagine how someone would want to avoid or alleviate their pain, which is why knowing how to deal with sensitive teeth can be helpful. Sensitive teeth could come from a variety of problems, and so you will need to put some effort into figuring out what the issue is. This will allow the individual to know more about their problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Routine dental actions causing discomfort

Many factors can cause sensitivity in the teeth. These problems can be preventable with the proper steps taken. If a problem is not related to the biological process of growing, it could be an issue with the retention of plaque or tartar buildup.

Plaque comes from tooth decay that is produced by bacteria within your mouth. Bacteria break down sugars, proteins, and minerals and produce acids that cause tooth decay. The tartar that accumulates is the result of plaque being broken down. The most common problems in teeth are more likely caused by too much tartar from plaque accumulation.

Reasons why teeth might be sensitive

Many things can contribute to teeth that are sensitive or painful. These problems can be caused by the following:

1. The enamel on the crown of a tooth begins to be worn down or disintegrate. This is referred to as tooth decay and is common in older individuals.

2. Caries, also known as cavities, is a condition of tooth decay in which fragments of decayed teeth become lodged in the gums. This can lead to infection within the gums and pressure on the surrounding area.

3. Tooth erosion is when your teeth are exposed to acids for a prolonged period. The acid causes the enamel to be worn down until it breaks off, exposing the nerve underneath.

Solutions how to deal with sensitive teeth

You will have to do things to ensure that your teeth are not sensitive.

1. Keeping a good routine and getting regular dental checkups is the first step in preventing sensitivity problems. The dentist will be able to do routine checkups and give you the necessary care to prevent plaque buildup.

2. You should refrain from drinking acidic beverages and eat foods with added sugar or acidity because they can also cause tooth decay, which causes sensitivity in teeth.

3. Toothpaste with SLS can irritate and can lead to sensitivity. These are common ingredients in toothpaste, so it is essential to look for those free of SLS.

You can do many things to prevent your teeth from becoming sensitive. This will be necessary for your teeth to be in good condition and keep your mouth healthy. By following the tips above, you could improve the health of your teeth and gums. For more information on services, consult a GT dental clinic in Toronto and book an appointment.

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