Root Canals 101: What you need to know?

Damaged, infected or lost teeth can exert a significantly negative impact upon an individual's oral and general health. Fortunately, certain dental procedures might correct the problems such maladies precipitate. One such undertaking is known as root canal therapy. GT Dental, a dental clinic in Toronto, which serves the residents of the city and surrounding suburbs, invites prospective patients to read the following short blog providing an overview of root canal.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?
During this procedure, a dental professional will extract damaged portions of an impacted tooth's roots and pulp, then clean out and seal the remaining components. Typically, this procedure is performed to prevent the development of an infection or a more serious abscess, which is a pus-filled mass. Tooth infections could prove serious because said ailments can spread to other facial regions and potentially to other bodily regions.

What To Expect During Root Canal Therapy?
The first step in the procedure is to numb the tooth in question. Typically, this will be done using pain-quelling preparations like novocaine. Once the patient's mouth is desensitized, the attending dental professional will drill a hole into the impacted tooth and remove the damaged or decayed portions of the oral structure. Once fouled components are extracted, the tooth's roots are cleaned out. The final stage involves sealing and eventually placing a permanent filling on the augmented tooth.

How To Know If You Might Need Root Canal Therapy?
Individuals who may benefit from root canal therapy often experience certain common physical manifestations including discolored teeth, insensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, swollen, red, itchy and puffy gums, constant and intense pain, discomfort that might worsen upon engaging in common activities such as speaking, eating or drinking, the presence of chipped or cracked teeth and a loosening or shifting of teeth.

Individuals residing in the province of Ontario should consider visiting GT Dental, a dental clinic in Toronto if they experience any of the preceding symptoms. Dr. Tima Gogniev, proprietor of GT Dental invites afflicted persons to book an appointment. After a thorough oral examination, Dr. Gogniev will determine of a root canal is necessary and perform said procedure if need be.

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