Coping with Dental Anxiety

Regular dental care is an important part of your overall healthcare. If you find you avoid going to the dentist or feel very nervous when you have to be in the dentist's chair, you may have “dental anxiety.” This is a common problem that can be managed with a few techniques, so you can feel more relaxed for your dental care. At GT Dental in Toronto, you can be assured we understand dental anxiety and will help...

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Why You Should Never Skip Dental Appointments

When you see a note about your upcoming dental appointment in your planner, you probably could come up with dozens of reasons to cancel. As you're running through those excuses in mind, consider the reasons why you should never skip another dental appointment again.Failure to RescheduleOne reason why you should keep your appointments is because many people do not end up rescheduling their dental appointments in a...

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How Your Oral Health Is Affected By The Common Cold

Getting sick is never fun, especially when it's something so easy to get like the common cold. But have you ever considered that your dental health may be affected by something so normal like the common cold? Because it's actually very normal to experience oral health issues while being sick with a cold. 1. Bad breathIf you have a stuffy nose, some of that nasal fluid may drip into the back of your throat, which can...

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Fall Dental Tips

When one prepares for a cold season, it is important to take extra precautions on your health. Good oral health should be practiced year round, but incase you got caught up in the warm summer heat or recent festivities, here are a few fall dental tips. Brush After EatingAs one gets into the fall season, which is filled with many holidays, one should try to brush after consuming sugary foods and beverages. But...

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The Effects of Sugar on Oral Health

Tooth decay occurs when acid in your mouth erodes enamel on your teeth. This acid is produced when bacteria on your teeth feed on sugar for energy. The acid is responsible for the decay, but sugar is a huge catalyst. And the more sugar you eat, the more likely you are to experience poor oral health. Cavities, rotten teeth, tooth loss, and gum disease such as gingivitis can occur when your teeth are continuously...

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