Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath can occur for a variety of reasons, but it usually happens because of a surplus of bacteria in your mouth. It can also happen when you have tooth decay, dehydration, or simply because of the foods you eat. Here are three tips that you can use to get rid of bad breath quickly.Floss and Brush at Least Twice DailyOne sure way to eliminate bad breath is to make sure that you brush your teeth and floss every...

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The Importance of Remineralizing Your Teeth

Oral health’s importance goes beyond eating, speaking, and smiling. In fact, your oral health is a reflection of your overall wellness. The oral cavity is the entryway to the digestive and respiratory systems. While it’s normal for your mouth to carry bacteria, excess amounts of bacteria create problems for the entire body, including infections and disease.As you age, everyday oral activities break down your...

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Summer Oral Hygiene Tips

As summer approaches and people begin spending longer nights outdoors camping and socializing with friends, oral hygiene often takes a place on the back burner. These changing schedules in combination with more sugary treats creates the perfect storm for your teeth to suffer during the warm months. Along with visiting GT Dental in Toronto for regular check ups, remember to take a few minutes every day with these...

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How Osteoporosis Affects Your Smile

Keeping your smile healthy isn't always a simple, straightforward process. For instance, if you're at high risk of developing osteoporosis, protecting and preserving your teeth could require a number of strategic lifestyle changes; following several things to know about this condition, including the different ways in which it affects oral health.What Is Osteoporosis?As part of its normal processes, a young, healthy...

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Components of a Complete Oral Hygiene Routine

Oral hygiene is essential for all people, including toddlers and adults. On that account, it is crucial to start practicing good oral hygiene habits early so that it can become a routine and not a cumbersome task. Brushing and flossing are the main activities that you can exercise for the best oral health. However, more components make your teeth and gums strong and healthy.BrushingIt is an essential component as it...

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