Summer Oral Hygiene Tips

As summer approaches and people begin spending longer nights outdoors camping and socializing with friends, oral hygiene often takes a place on the back burner. These changing schedules in combination with more sugary treats creates the perfect storm for your teeth to suffer during the warm months. Along with visiting GT Dental in Toronto for regular check ups, remember to take a few minutes every day with these tips to keep your smile bright and healthy.

1. Follow a Routine
Whether you live alone or have several kids who need reminders to brush their teeth, keeping a simple daily schedule is important. You should brush for two minutes every morning and night. Once it becomes ingrained, you're much less likely to get out of your routine.

2. Keep Gum With You
Chewing gum for 20 or 30 minutes after eating actually increases saliva production, which can decrease your chance of developing cavities. Of course, don't give gum to small children, but if you don't have the chance to brush, sugar free gum is a good option.

3. Drink Water 
In the summer, the heat and bright sun can cause you to become dehydrated much easier than normal. With every meal try to drink at least 8 ounces of water, remember you should be drinking 8 glasses a day. It will keep your lips from drying out as well as ensure you have enough saliva in your mouth. Being dehydrated can also lead to bad breath, thus, drinking an adequate amount of water everyday will allow your body to be properly hydrated. 

4. Make Flossing a Challenge
Make a little monthly chart and mark off the days you floss. If you have kids, you can make it a friendly competition between them to see who can remember to floss the most days in a row. Before the challenge starts, make sure they know the proper flossing technique to keep their gums nice and healthy.

5. Set Up Reminders for Dental Cleanings 
Summer gets busy, so either put a reminder in your phone or write a message on your calendar in order to make time to visit Dr. Gogniev at GT Dental in Toronto. It is important to get your teeth professionally cleaned every six months, and summer is no exception. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

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