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TMJ appliances

The TMJ Appliance works best for extra-capsular relief. The TMJ Appliance treats symptoms by decompressing the joint, which eliminates bruxing and grinding of the teeth because of its doubled effect. More relief is given by the change in the relaxed length of the muscle when the TMJ Appliance is in place. The treatment results in reliving Temporomandibular Join Disorders (TMJ) as well as cranio-mandibular symptoms, thus improving patient’s comfort and limiting bruxing and grinding.

The TMJ is offered in one size which means no impressions, moulding, or even adjustments are required because it fits 95% of adults. The appliance is very simple to use and is very effective. The material of the TMJ Appliance is a soft silicone giving comfort because it easy on painful joints and muscles. This treatment reduces and also eliminates symptoms without any time consuming procedures.

The appliance is very simple to use, one hour a day and overnight when sleeping. Symptoms should be reduced in the first few weeks if used with good compliance, however sometimes several weeks may be needed before feeling pain relief. You will know how much time the appliance will need to be used after using the appliance for a minimum of 30 to 60 days.