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Dental Implants

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Despite improvements in dental care, millions of Canadians suffer tooth loss, mostly due to gingivitis, tooth decay or injury.

As the closest replacement option to natures own work, Dental Implants mimic natural tooth structure. They feature a root and crown to provide a strong, long-lasting prosthetic tooth.  If you have sufficient bone density and oral health, you may be a candidate for Dental Implants.  The first step is securing a tiny titanium post into the socket left by your missing tooth, beneath the gumline into the jaw bone. Your North York Dentist can then secure a single or multiple tooth replacement, such as an Implant supported bridge, or implant support Denture. Dental implants can be performed by your North York Cosmetic Dentist or an Oral Surgeon.

In some cases, if the patient has insufficient bone structure, your North York Cosmetic Dentist or Oral Surgeon will recommend Bone Graft. Your North York Cosmetic Dentist may choose to do the implant after the Bone Graft has healed, or in some incidences, he or she will choose to do the Bone Graft the same time as placing the Dental Implant. Sometimes a sinus lift may be needed if there is not enough height in the upper jaw to place the Dental Implant. This can be determined by taking a Panoramic X-ray. The healing process can take 3-6 months after the initial visit (depending on what procedure was performed) before placing the final prosthetic phase (Dental Crown). Success of Dental Implants can vary, please consult with your North York Cosmetic Dentist if you are eligible for Dental Implants.

If an Oral Surgeon has placed the implant, you will need to go back for a few follow-up visits to track your healing process; he or she will determine when you are ready for your final stage and will refer you back to your North York Dentist to complete the final prosthetic phase (Dental Crown).

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Are Dental Implants covered under my plan?

There are several different dental plans offered.  Our team will gladly send a "Predetermination" (estimate) to your insurance provider to determine coverage. We will do our best to maximize your coverage to the best of our ability.