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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns toronto

A dental crown also known as a "cap" is fabricated to fit your tooth and provide full coverage, support and strength as well as proper occlusion (proper biting surface).

A crown is typically needed when a tooth is heavily decayed, if the tooth is fractured/broken/cracked, if the tooth is root canal treated, heavily restored making up most of the tooth structure, heavily worn down, discoloured, to cover a dental implant, cosmetic modifications.

Crowns come in different material types such as Gold, Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal, All Ceramic, All Porcelain and Metal.  Your North York Cosmetic Dentist will recommend which crown would best suit your dental condition.

All Porcelain crowns look more like your natural teeth, therefore are usually used for anterior teeth, while Porcelain Fused to Metal underlay has more strength and are recommended for molar teeth (back teeth, still giving the natural look with metal underneath the porcelain).  Sometimes All Metal crowns are used for molar teeth because of the metals strength. Molar teeth take most of the force of our bite, making them more susceptible to crack/fracture.

*Sometimes "crown lengthening" (gum surgery) is needed to properly and accurately prepare your crown.  This means that there is not enough tooth structure and height to fabricate and properly place a Dental Crown, having the needs to do gum surgery - Crown lengthening is "gum contouring".  This can be determined at the initial assessment by your North York Cosmetic Dentist.

Crown Preparation

Completing your Dental Crown will take two short appointments.  Your North York Cosmetic Dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the tooth.  The tooth will then be shaped accordingly and an impression will be taken of your teeth and gums.  Your North York Cosmetic Dentist will fabricate a chair side temporary crown to protect the tooth in the meantime until your next dental visit.  It may take the dental laboratory up to 2 (two) weeks to fabricate the crown.  You would come back to see your North York Cosmetic Dentist to remove your temporary crown and permanently bond your lab fabricated Dental Crown.  Your Dental Crown will restore the function as well as the beauty and comfort of your smile.

*If you are considering crowning your anterior teeth (front teeth), please keep in mind that once Dental Crowns are placed, they DO NOT WHITEN.  Teeth Whitening should be considered prior to preparing your Dental Crowns.  Please ask your North York Cosmetic Dentist for more details about teeth whitening while enhancing and maximizing your smile.

Are Dental Crowns covered under my plan?

There are several different dental plans offered.  Our team will gladly send a "Predetermination" (estimate) to your insurance provider to determine coverage.  We will do our best to maximize your coverage to the best of our ability.