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Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge toronto

A Dental Bridge fills in the space that fallen teeth have left behind and prevents the remaining teeth from shifting out of place.  Dental Bridges improve chewing function and speech articulation.  Dental Bridges provide internal structure for your face maintaining its shape/form which promotes a youthful appearance by restoring your smile.

There are two different types of Dental Bridges, Traditional Fixed Dental Bridge and Fixed Implant Supported Dental Bridge.  A Dental Bridge is made up of crowns for teeth on either side of the gap, and a false tooth is in between.  Dental Bridges are supported by natural teeth or Dental Implants.

Dental Bridge Preparation

During your visit, your North York Cosmetic Dentist will prepare the adjacent teeth (shape and form tooth as needed), take an impression of your teeth & gums. Your North York Cosmetic Dentist will fabricate a chair side temporary Dental Bridge to protect the teeth and keeps its form (prevent teeth from shifting) in the meantime until your next dental visit. It may take the dental laboratory up to 2 (two) weeks to fabricate the crown.  You would come back to see your North York Dentist to remove your temporary Dental Bridge and permanently bond your lab fabricated Dental Bridge.  Your Dental Bridge will restore the function as well as the beauty and comfort of your smile.

Alternative Treatment Options:

Consult with your North York Cosmetic Dentist today to discuss best treatment options for your dental condition.

Cost can be discussed with your North York Cosmetic Dentist or his/her Treatment Coordinator.

Are Dental Bridges covered under my plan?

Most insurance companies cover Dental Bridges, however, to be sure your plan covers Dental Bridges, our team will gladly send a "Predetermination" (estimate) to your insurance provider to determine coverage. We will do our best to maximize your coverage to the best of our ability.