New Year's Resolutions To Improve Dental Health

2019-01-31 22:00:00

Do you posses a stunning smile, especially when it comes to having pearly-white teeth? Could your teeth use a bit of dental work? Do you reside in or near Toronto, Ontario? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you need to visit  GT Dental in Toronto. During the first month of every year, there are a high percentage of people who make resolutions to improve their overall situations. Health and...

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Negative Effects of Sugar on Teeth

2018-12-28 15:40:00

Sugar can damage teeth by breaking down enamel. Defective enamel can cause cavities and tooth decay. In order to avoid the damage of sugar, there are a few steps you can take to strengthen your teeth. Effects of Sugar on Your TeethWhen you eat a sugary snack or beverage, bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugars. The bacteria forms into plaque, a substance that sticks to teeth. This plaque eats away at your...

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How Juice Affects a Toddler’s Teeth

2018-11-30 21:00:00

Almost everyone knows that sugar is bad for your teeth, but have you ever considered how much sugar is in the juice we give to our toddlers? Their teeth is especially important to take care of, not only so they will learn good dental hygiene for later in life, but so that they do not prematurely have to lose their baby teeth. Baby teeth are essential for jaw development and proper spacing of adult teeth. The...

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Reasons Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

2018-10-29 17:37:00

In order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is vital that you have regular dental examinations. While regular upkeep and care at home are just as essential, visits with your dentist or dental hygienist ensure thorough and optimal oral hygiene. Missing out on routine checkups could result in problems relating to your teeth and gums. During your examination, your dental professional is evaluating your teeth...

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Why Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

2018-09-28 18:17:00

Tooth extractions happen every day in dentist offices around the world. It is a procedure that involves removing a tooth from the gums. Dentists consider it a procedure of last resort when there is no way to save the tooth. If you need an extraction, you may be wondering what the procedure is like and why it is necessary.Why Are Extractions Necessary?There are a number of reasons why extractions become necessary....

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