What is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography is a form of medical imaging in which a digital image is created using an X-ray machine. It differs from conventional radiography because it enables doctors to capture two-dimensional images with very high resolution and three dimensions, which can be rotated and viewed from different angles. 

Benefits of Digital Radiography Over Conventional Radiography
Digital radiography produces images of higher resolution and clarity, unlike conventional radiography, which uses analog technology. It saves storage space since you can store the images digitally.

Dental treatment in Toronto can be expensive to manage via digital radiography. However, it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly in the long run than conventional radiography. This is because it requires fewer supplies and machines for digitization and does not use film/photographic processing chemicals, machine development chemicals, or equipment.

Digital radiography requires less radiation since the image is captured digitally instead of being developed by the film. It's also less prone to errors, such as ghosting and flicker, since it does not use film.

Digital radiography offers numerous applications in the medical field, especially in research and teaching; it also serves a few other industries such as forensic imaging, management consulting, and atmospheric science.

Digital radiography is a more efficient tool for radiologists because it allows for real-time viewing and immediate processing. The film is immediately processed and available to view, whereas, in Conventional radiography, the film takes time to be developed.

Digital radiography can be easily transmitted for dental treatment in Toronto or anywhere in the world with access to the internet, unlike conventional radiography, which requires couriers or letters to deliver them.

Digital radiology also has greater compatibility with electronic medical records than conventional radiology, which must be digitized before saving into electronic folders.

Digital X-ray technology has a significant advantage over conventional X-ray technology as digital X-rays do not need chemicals, machines, or special equipment to develop therefore saving time and money.

Digital X-rays are more patient-friendly since it's faster to process digital X-rays. Digital radiography is more cost-effective and also preserves the original film for use by your medical professional.

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