Dental Tips for Kids and Parents

One of the foundational habits to instill in your child growing up is the importance of hygiene to their wellness. One element of hygiene that is especially crucial is their oral health. Their teeth not only help them talk and eat but also boost their self-confidence, necessary for their social development.

Honing the routine habits will ensure your child maintains a healthy oral routine throughout life. Below are some tips to help with your children's dental care.

How Soon Should You Start Their Dental Care?
It's never too early to start caring for your baby's oral health. Even before their baby teeth show out, your child still has teeth. Here are some practices that can help get you started on your kid's dental health:

- Use warm water to gently wipe their gums.
- Upon getting their baby teeth, buy a baby toothbrush and baby toothpaste which you'll use sparingly to brush the teeth.
- Be careful not to use too much toothpaste to minimize your baby swallowing some.

Don't Skip First Dentist Visit
Your baby's first dentist visit will happen when they start teething. Teething is the process of teeth appearing and usually occurs about six months into the toddler's life. During your child's first visit to a dental clinic, the dentist will inspect the development of the child’s teeth and any potential problems. They will also offer you more advice on child dental care.

The Importance of Proper Dental Health for Kids
Caring for your child’s oral health from an early stage is important for many reasons. Here are some benefits:

- Lays a foundation for routine dental care habits and dental growth
- Clean and healthy teeth and gums
- Boosting their confidence

Failure to be proactive in the care of your child's oral health can have serious short and long-term consequences. Some common effects of poor oral health care with kids include:

- Dental cavities
- Gum disease
- Tooth decay
- Trouble eating, made worst by digestive problems
- Low self-confidence

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